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foot Prints is a Production House based . Our Mission is to deliver effectual and captivating films & videos. We are ranked amongst the Top producers & distributors of Short films, documentaries, videos, independent films online. We start by understanding your business, your products & service, your target customer's profile and your objective for developing a promotional film. Afterwards a concept is developed by our creative team and it is then brainstormed with you with the aid of storyboards. Thereafter, we go about the business of producing the Short Film, Ad Film /TVC, Music Video, Corporate Film & documentaries

Ad films or TV Commercial (TVC) are made in order to arouse customers' interest about the product & organization. Ad films have been used to sell every product imaginable over the years-household products, goods/services, political campaigns etc. Even if you do not run these ads on TV channel, you can web cast them on Youtube etc. Also ads can be used as teasers at conferences, exhibitions .

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