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Corporate Videos showcase the grandeur of your business or endeavour with a cinematic approach. When it comes to producing live-action videos, Toolbox has proved to have the requisite expertise in creating premium corporate videos with strong narrative, enthralling visuals, and powerful sound –so you can drive your branding efforts in the right direction. Films are the best medium of communication, which captures all three senses of a human being and leaves an ever-lasting impact on the viewer’s heart and mind. We understands client heart and mind to the best, which makes it the best choice for any client to showcase their business and brands

Footprints helps to bring out company corporate image and product services in a creative and productive way. It has been able to create films for various types of sectors for the national as well as international companies. These films have been of a great help to these companies in building up their image and business with their clientele B2B & B2C. .

For any company it is of utmost importance to convincingly cater it’s brands to the client. This should be communicated by the most appropriate ideas, thoughts and messages. Film is the most convincing and perfect way of doing so. Unlike other mediums, a corporate film can showcase the company’s goals, products, infrastructure, brands and business in the most brief, articulate and realistic manner. To cap it all, a corporate film has the ability to reach worldwide audience/clientele. A sonetime investment, corporate film proves to be the cheapest and the best option to cater to one’s clientele. Corporate film educates the customers about the company's offerings. Its purpose is to promote an organization and help in intra-company learning, which in turn increases the credibility of an organization.

  • Corporate video increase the perceived value of your company(s) products and services and a well made corporate video can give you an edge over your competitor.
  • Clients and customers are far more likely to watch a 2-5 min video than spend far longer reading through all the text on your site to get the same information.
  • Online Corporate Presentation content is readily available to your customers and candeliver a sales message for you 24/7
  • You tube averages over a billion views per day worldwide and with a corporate video, you can have access to all of those potential customers.
  • Corporate Video can be distributed in many forms: DVD, website, social networks, etc.
The number of Internet users has doubled between 2005-2010 and is continuing to grow. There are now more than 2 billion internet users world wide.
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