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- Training films are one of the best ways to educate and teach about a subject. This makes it an ideal tool for HR to train their new employees. The other useful purpose of training films would be in IT, BPO, Industrial, Mechanical, Medical Educational and Technical sectors.

These films can be an excellent substitute for manual training where there is always a possibility of human errors. In contrast, training films can do the needful in a given time and that too without any human error.

The other advantage of these films would be their repetitive screenings. A learner can watch them as many times as needed without any loss of information or human mistakes. One can understand the complexities of the subject without human


A training film is a form of educational film – a short subject documentary movie, that provides an introduction to a topic. Both narrative documentary and dramatisation styles may be used, sometimes both in the same production. While most educational films were made to be used in schools, training films were made and used by the military, and civilian industry.
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