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Unmanned flying objects, referred to as drones, are taking center stage as part of an exciting new branch of photography and videography known as dronography. It’s this aspect of drone technology that holds so much promise and potential, already evidenced by stunning aerial shots inside of volcanoes and above locations previously requiring risky helicopter flights to to capture views from certain angles.

Since drones can be safely operated from a distance, the boundaries of traditional photography, even traditional aerial photography, are literally being shattered as this new technology continues to develop. The photos and videos captured by drones have already expanded the capabilities of what humans can see and witness, such as a bird’s eye view of migrating whales that provided valuable insights for scientists.

The possibilities of what can be accomplished with drone photography and videography are practically limitless. Conservationists would be able to capture images and video of remote lands without disrupting pristine lands. On a practical level, rescuers could use drone imagery to assess disaster areas or better search for survivors.Foot-prints is fortunate to have carved a niche for itself in Indian cinema and being called the leading film production house of the country is humbling. The vision extends itself, from speaking to Indians all over the world, to reaching out to a global multicultural audience. Foot-prints has shot its films in maximum number of International countries by any producer of India.

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