Wedding Videography.

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With all of the colors, emotions, and action, Indian weddings are any videographer’s dream and the perfect events to showcase our artistry and storytelling. Our team has shot hundreds of Indian weddings of various religions, and regions, from Hindu to Muslim to Punjabi to Gujarati, and more! We fully understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding. For some of our recent Indian Weddings, be sure to check them out.

our team approaches wedding videography differently than others in the industry. We move away from a chronological compilation of your wedding day events and embrace the idea that videography should be telling a story and in this case, a love story. South Asian Weddings have incredible stories to tell with its vibrant colors, loving family moments, and traditional elements..

The quality of films produced by us stand out for their look, feel and technique. Our Indian Wedding packages are designed to incorporate the multiple pre-wedding and wedding festivities, including the Mehndi party. We enjoy getting to know the family in a more intimate setting and the event offers great candid footage that can be incorporated into your final wedding video. We also understand the time and detail that goes into the creation of Mehndi and we feel through videography you can really capture the Mehndi process.

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